Why Am I Here? Mile Markers

Join us on August 25 as Rev. Dan Bogre preaches from Genesis 37:12-28, 45:1-8.

Have you ever had a point in your life where you seem to take the same trip over and over? You get to know the mile markers along the way.

They can be the reminder that you are going in the right direction even if it seems to be taking forever. You might get sleepy along the journey. You might veer off course here and there but then you see a mile marker to remind you that you are on the right track.

Once we know that God has a plan for our lives it can seem to take a long time to finally live into it.

We want it now and yet God’s plan might be taking awhile to come to light.

It could be our fault or it could be God’s will. The key is to look for the mile markers along the way to know that you are still on course, God’s course.

Always look for the mile markers, they are all around you.