It is important to give children opportunities to serve others as a part of the larger body of Christ.

The church has been blessed with the opportunity to open Twice Blessed Free Store which provides clothing, household items, and toiletries free of charge and welcomes everyone who enters the store with open arms. 

Instead of monetary giving, our children are asked to bring in items each week to help support the Twice Blessed Free Store. The items that they bring change and are as simple as a bar of soap or baby wipes, to larger items such as toilet paper or diapers. Our hope is that, when they pick out their own items and bring them to the church on Sunday mornings, they will become more invested in their giving each week. Items that are being collected are listed in the Sunday morning bulletins and below.

Children's/Youth Offering Schedule

January: Diapers and Wipes
February: Soap
March: Underwear
April: Flip flops/sunscreen
May: Towels and Washcloths
June: Soap
July: School Supplies
August: Socks
September: Gloves/Mittens/Scarfs/Hats
October: Soap
November: Shampoo and Conditioner
December: Toothbrushes and Toothpaste



If you are looking for a way to get involved in the Twice Blessed Free Store with your children then here is your chance. Four Sundays a year the families of RRUMC come together to stock, clean and sort. It is a chance for the children from all worship services to come together as one community of faith and work together to do what God created you for, to love and to serve. Anyone is welcome to attend. Dates available on the calendar; always beginning at 4:00 pm.


Four times a year we have “Mission and a Movie Night” through Mission Possible. We start with a mission project that families complete together and then, when we are finished, we move on to a movie on the big screens in Beacon Hall. Anyone with a childlike faith is invited to attend and experience the fun. Join us for the next Mission Possible on Aprili 13th beginning at 6:00pm.