Why Am I Here? No one reads the instructions

Join us on August 18 as Rev. Dan Bogre preaches from Romans 8:18-28.

Just think how many Christmases would have been so much more enjoyable. Just think about how many home projects would have gone smoother if you had just taken the time to start with the instruction manual instead of trying to wing it yourself.

The exact same philosophy applies to each one of our lives.

There is a plan for our lives. There is an instruction manual.

There is the greatest author that the world has ever seen writing it.

So many times we try to wing it ourselves until our lives spin out of control. It is then that we find ourselves trying to start over and this time doing it step by step as we follow the manual.

Are you winging it in your life right now and how is that going? There is a manual out there. Start there!