Sunday school classes are available during our 10:00am and 11:30am services.

However, the first week of every month, children attend worship with their family. This allows the children to worship and experience communion as a whole body of Christ. 

The children learn one Bible story each month and rotate through different classrooms each week as the story is presented in multiple different ways. The second week of the month, the children report straight to Chapel, as they will experience a worship service uniquely designed for them. Weeks three and four, children will attend worship first and will then be dismissed to Sunday school. They are taught in the Chapel by Mrs. Quinn and then report to either Surprise Station or Projects-with-a-Purpose. Afterwards, the children return to the Chapel to review the day and finish in prayer. In the event that there is a fifth Sunday children attend worship and when dismissed will have a special project relating to the month’s theme. 


An interaction time during our 10:00am Sanctuary service is for children and church pastors. The children are involved with age appropriate stories and lessons based on the scriptures, and the mission work of the church.


At Rocky River UMC we work hard to make all children an integral part of our church. We do this by offering an inclusive Sunday school at our 10:00am service. Whether your child has ADHD, Down syndrome, or a Sensory disorder we will work with you and your child to help make Rocky River UMC your home. We believe every child’s story should involve Christ. An in-house aide* is here on site to help, and each child is given a “buddy” to hang out with each week. We do everything in our power to make every child feel a part of our church family. The more we know about your child’s needs, the better we can help them find Christ in the midst of their story. 

*We also have aides provided for both Children’s Choir and Vacation Bible School. 

Contact: Quinn Bennett, Director of Children’s Ministries -