Here at Rocky River United Methodist Church, we offer Sunday School at two out of three services for your children.

We offer one at 10:00am during our traditional service and the other at 11:30am during our contemporary service. Our Sunday Schools are identical, so no matter which service you choose your child will be learning the same thing, making it easy to go to whichever service meets your family’s needs each week.

What Happens Each Week During Sunday School at RRUMC?

Sunday School at Rocky River United Methodist Church is broken into four different weeks.

During week 1 they will enjoy worship with our Children’s Choir Director, Caroline Prescott, and be introduced to the month’s Bible Point.

During weeks 2, 3, and 4 children will join their parents in service and then be dismissed to the Chapel where they will recap week one and experience and learn the same Bible Point in a new way. After a recap on the month’s Bible Point, they will then visit one of three rotations; Projects-With-A-Purpose, Surprise Station, or Games. All rotations reiterate everything taught during their Chapel time and end in small group discussion.  Children then return back to the Chapel to give their  offering and close in prayer.

Children are picked up by their parents in the Chapel each week. When there is a fifth Sunday, children attend the Worship service with their parents.

Toddlers (under 3) and Youth (grades 6-8)

In addition to the program listed above, child care is offered for toddlers (below age 3) and Sunday School if offered for youth through grade 8. 

  • Toddlers are asked to be dropped off directly in their room (parents - please allow time for separation anxiety).
  • Grades 6 through 8 meet in the youth room.

Any questions please contact our Director of Children’s Ministries at

In both services the children are encouraged to bring an offering. We do this in a unique way. Each month we challenge the children of our church to bring in a designated item to be donated to Twice Blessed Free Store. The designated items for each month change as necessities are needed to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Find out more under Outreach to see what our children are doing to serve others.