Sermon Series - February 4th & 11th, 2018: The Land

Depending on how we approach it, God’s Word for us can be experienced as anything from empty words on a page to the very breath of life and source of all wisdom for our lives. 

Numerous factors play a part in determining the nature of our encounter with Scripture.  Do we come with open ears and expectant hearts?  Are we willing to invite others to share their insights with us?  Are we willing to do the work of true study, learning the historical and literary context in which the text was written?  One additional privilege that serves to breathe even greater life into the text is a trip to the land itself, the sacred space that serves as its setting.  Thanks to the generosity of this church and your investment in the growth of your leaders, your two pastors have been blessed to see and experience that land for themselves.  While we’d love to have taken you ALL with us, we know this isn’t realistic.  But we can do our best to bring Israel to you.  Enjoy a short sermon series in which we seek to bring to life several passages based in locations we actually visited and experienced first-hand.  Welcome to the Holy Land!