Love is not a feeling, but a way of acting

"John: Gospel of Light and Life" Series

April 13th,2017 - Maundy Thursday

Reverend Dan is preaching
John 15:9-17

At the Last Supper, which many Christians refer to as Maundy Thursday, we see Jesus’ final commandment.  

Maundy means mandate.  Jesus tells us that we are to bear fruit in the world after he is gone.  It is supposed to be fruit that will last.  The fruit that we are to bear is LOVE.  Can you imagine living in a world where in every situation we asked ourselves one question, “What is the most loving thing to do?”  I am pretty sure the world would look a whole lot different than the world we live in now.  In order to know how to love we must first find ourselves living and moving and having our being in the one who was sent into the world to love all of us.  Jesus is our example of what love is supposed to look like when it bears fruit.  Jesus, help me to bear fruit that will last.