It's a Matter of Life and Death

"John: Gospel of Light and Life" Series

March 19th, 2017

Reverend Dan is preaching.
John 6:28-35

Life is as simple as bread and water.  

Physically we as human beings are very aware of the two basic necessities for human survival.  If we boil existence down, we need food and water to survive.  In the text for today we hear Jesus tell people that he is the bread of life and that everyone who believes in him will never be hungry of thirsty again.  Eternal life just like our earthly life has some basic requirements.  Those are food and water.  Jesus knew that and that is why he called himself the BREAD of LIFE.  How are you feeding your eternal soul?  It could be the difference between inviting Christ into your life or you accepting the invitation to live into Christ’s life.