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Maundy Thursday Tenebrae Service

Join us in the Sanctuary as Pastor Paul Bennett preaches from John 13:1-17, 34-35 with the sermon title “Take Up Your Towel.”

In Jesus’ final hours with His disciples, he presented them with His second and final great mandate, or commandment, that He wished to impress upon them during their training.

They were to love one another “as He had loved us”. Loving others is a popular rally cry amongst both believers and unbelievers. However, loving others “as Christ has loved us” is a different thing entirely.

The people Christ expressed love to, and the ways He did so, provide an incredible example for us to aspire towards. His washing of His disciples’ feet followed by accepting the plight of a criminal upon the cross were the culminating events in a ministry of lowering Himself to demonstrate radical love to others.

Are we willing to lower ourselves to come alongside others?

Can we adhere to Christ’s final commandment for His followers, to take up our cross (or perhaps just a towel) and follow Him?