Down To Earth - Week 4

Join us on December 23 as we celebrate the 4th Sunday of Advent with the sermon, “Down to Earth Obedience,” from Luke 1:26-38 with Pastor Paul Bennett.

So, raise your hand if you’ve ever given birth to the Son of God.

Mary’s life was transformed when she said one great big “yes” to this calling straight from God. In fact, her “yes” would become the beginning of perhaps the most blessed and unique story a human being has ever lived.

Following a God whose wisdom makes ours look infantile, the reality is that much of what God asks of us we won’t understand or agree with.

Accepting this takes humility on our part. Living into it requires, at times, blind obedience. Mary’s obedience changed her world and that of everyone who came after her. What might we accomplish through our simple obedience to God?

Don’t miss this wonderful way to bring Jesus even closer into your hearts as we look forward to Christmas.