Celebrate Christmas Eve With Us!

We are excited to offer Christmas Eve Services for everyone.

  • 3:00pm Join us for our contemporary Christmas Eve Harbor Service in Beacon Hall.

  • 5:00pm Attend this beautiful family service where the Christmas story is told through the eyes of the children. All children are invited to participate.

  • 8:00pm Our Traditional Sanctuary Service includes a candlelight service and the beautiful Chancel Choir.

  • 11:00pm Ring in the official day of Christ’s birth with this powerful candlelight service that includes our Chancel and Fuller Sounds Handbell Choir.


Who are you looking for as you find yourself at the manger?

Rev. Dan Bogre will be preaching, “A Long Distance Relationship” from Luke 2:1-20.

This Christmas Eve we will go straight from the manger in Bethlehem to the empty tomb in Jerusalem. The resurrected Jesus asks Mary who she is looking for as she stands weeping.

Mary, who had been with him in his ministry, did not even recognize him because she was looking for a dead body. The same question will be asked of all of us this Christmas Eve.

Who are you looking for as you find yourself at the manger? When you find out who Jesus is you will finally be able to find out who you are and whose you are.

Until you find the real Jesus you will never find the real you. Merry Christmas!!