Down To Earth - Week 3

Join us as we celebrate the 3rd Sunday of Advent on December 16th with the Sermon “Down to Earth Lifestyle,” from Matthew 1:18-25.

Poor Joseph! He had all the right plans for his all the right life. It was all going to work out just as he had planned. Joseph had all his dreams in order. AND THEN!

God then comes to Joseph in a dream to help him see what real dreams look like. God sized dreams can be terrifying when we don’t know him let alone trust him.

God has the best dreams all planned out for you. Are you ready to allow them to take over your dreams?

It’s not easy to give them over to God but this season as we watch God give his one and only son over to us we are reminded that God is all in on us. Will we be all in on him?

Rev. Dan is preaching at Chapel and Harbor services, and the Chancel Choir will be performing a Christmas Cantata at Sanctuary service, so there will be no sermon at the Sanctuary service.