Sent: We Have No Right!

Join us on Sunday, June 30, as Pastor Paul Bennett preaches from Jonah 4:1-11.

Have you ever searched for “texting fails” on the internet and watched the videos of people who have walked right into park fountains and telephone poles because they had their head down texting away?

Of course we hold no ill will for such people, but we can’t help but laugh and mutter, “serves them right” as we watch their misfortune.

It’s only natural to root against those who we don’t respect, those who have created their own negative circumstances.

But God would call us to rise above our “natural” tendencies, to root for and show love to people regardless of circumstances.

This is a lesson he sought to teach the prophet Jonah throughout his ministry, hopefully one we don’t have to learn the hard way as Jonah did. Let’s consider it together.