Sent: Just Do It!

Join us on Sunday, June 23, as Rev. Dan Bogre preaches from Acts 10:30-36.

Do you remember being a child and playing the game with your parents where you just kept asking them why?

You would ask them a question and in response to every answer you would ask “Why?” It never ended and nothing ever got resolved.

In the text today you have Cornelius and Peter both receiving calls from God to go and they don’t even know why God wants them in each other’s presence.

The important thing is that neither of them ever asked “Why?” They just went as sent. They trusted God and his call on their lives and that God was about to do something amazing, so they went.

Do you trust God that much in your life?

Have you come to the realization in your life that if you go where God sends you, something amazing is going to happen? Try it and see for yourself. Just GO!