Counting Sheep: And so on, and so on, and so on

Join us on February 17, the sixth Sunday after the Epiphany as Rev. Dan Bogre preaches from John 21:15-25.

What is our main role as sheep being led by the shepherd? Is it to just eat, drink, and exist?

The shepherd has sheep in order to earn a living. It is simple economics. The more sheep you have the more money that the shepherd can make.

If we look at it through the eyes of kingdom economics then we cannot help but realize that Jesus calls us to be his sheep so that we can make more sheep. Our goal is to grow the flock.

At RRUMC, “It’s All About the Story. We exist to help people meet Jesus Christ in the midst of their story.” It is in our DNA as a church.

We are called and equipped to grow the flock. Are you making more sheep by the way you live out your faith?