Counting Sheep: Intruder Alert

Join us on February 10, the 5th Sunday after the Epiphany as Pastor Paul Bennett preaches from John 10:1-10.

Few greater examples of relational dependency exist in this world than that of a sheep to its shepherd.

In John 10, Jesus describes how sheep are utterly dependent on their shepherd for survival. They must have intimate knowledge of the voice and habits of their shepherd if they are to live.

Jesus didn’t choose this metaphor lightly. If we’ve accepted the reality that we exist to follow our Shepherd, then the only way to do it right is to pursue an intimate bond and familiarity with that Shepherd.

Do you know God’s voice? Can you focus on it and follow it even when a million worldly voices are vying for your attention at the same time?

Please join us at our 10:00am service where we will be recognizing all of our scouts for Scout Sunday. All are welcome!