Tuned In: Listen Up

Join us on May 26 as Pastor Paul Bennett preaches from 1 Chronicles 15:25-28 and we celebrate Memorial Sunday with beautiful geraniums from our church family.

How are you with joy? For it or against it? Are we all in agreement, joy is probably a good and healthy thing?

And what greater source of joy is there in life than the relationship of love and hope we celebrate with the Creator of all the Universe.

Throughout Scripture, and especially in our account from 1 Chronicles today, God’s people showed their comfort with and fervor for expressing passionate joy and gratitude to the God who was their everything.

I wonder if we still see expressing joy and gratitude to God as an integral part of our faith experience today?

Are we willing to “listen up” to hear and acknowledge God’s movements in our midst, and then lift our joy to the heavens like God’s people of old? Our soul is yearning for such opportunities!