Flawed But Faithful: Bedrock or Stumbling Block?


Are you stumbling through life with human thoughts or living as a disciple with God’s thoughts? The struggle continues.

This week is all about how we see and think about the world around us. Jesus is hoping and praying that as his disciples follow him that they will be walking, living, teaching and loving with thoughts of heaven and not our normal everyday human way of thinking.

Our outcomes will be different depending on how we filter things of the world. Jesus calls Peter Satan in the text today. WHY!

Peter loved Jesus and gave up everything to follow him but many times he was trying to be a disciple of the divine with the heart of a human.

Peter wanted Jesus to wear the crown of the King without the cross of the pain.

We invite you to worship with us this Third Sunday in Lent as Rev. Dan Bogre preaches from Matthew 16:13-19, 21-23.