Bullhorn Sermon Series

August 19th, 2018

Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost.

Pastor Paul is preaching.

Ezekiel 2-3:3

What are we afraid of? Most of us can admit to the logic of how important
it is to share our faith. The Good News we have to offer can unlock eternity to
those who have yet to receive it. Yet with all the people that still claim Christ in
our world, how often do you actually encounter someone courageous enough to
witness to their faith, even in subtle and non-confrontational ways? Why?
Because we are afraid. The risk is too great. Well, it’s time to begin to name
those fears and confront them head on. As messenger to the wayward nation of
Israel, the prophet Ezekiel faced a task even more daunting than our own. Yet God
emboldened him for his assignment. And He can do the same for us. As risky as it
is to speak aloud our faith, even greater is the risk of remaining silent.