First Fruits

Circles Sermon Series

July 1st, 2018

Sixth Sunday After Pentecost

Pastor Paul is preaching.

Exodus 15:1-5

The notion of putting God first in life is one many believers widely embrace.

Of course God comes first, right! Yet putting this notion into practice is often a completely different story. Would we be more apt to put God in His proper place if we better understood the impact it has on every other relationship and experience we have in life/ Perhaps. God went to great extremes in the Old Testament to impress upon His people the importance of seeking relationship with Him first and foremost. From His provision of daily sustenance of flakes of grain appearing on the ground, to His very specific instructions for the treatment of animal sacrifices and annual harvests, God instructed His children as to what is truly most important in life. And guess what, it hasn’t changed! Let’s explore together.