Activate The Power Of Faith

Made For A Miracle Sermon Series

March 11th, 2018

Fourth Sunday of Lent

Pastor Paul is preaching.

God’s love, when we finally recognize and take hold of it, inevitably leads to a new awakening. 

Yet embracing God’s love is merely a launching point.  God would have us know the joy of a transformed heart, and new purpose for a new life we now embark on with God.  The motor that launches and sustains us on this new journey is called faith.  Faith is a powerful force with endless potential, but it is also a quandary for many of us.  How do we possess it, much less wield it?  We aren’t the first to confront such questions.  Peter confronted them all as he stepped off the edge of a boat to mosey across the surface of a lake.  Let’s take a closer look.