Joy is Suffering?

Finding Joy Sermon Series

October 14th, 2018

Twenty-First Sunday After Pentecost.

Reverend Dan is preaching.

James 1:2-8

It almost seems to be strange to see the words joy and suffering in the same sentence.  The text from James today, believe it or not, can teach us that there is actually joy in the midst of suffering.

These few short verses speak to us of some very certain life truths.  We learn that trials, temptations, and struggles will come into each and every one of our lives at one point or another.  It is in the way that we deal with them and in the way that we let them work on and in us that will dictate whether or not we are able to see the joy that is in the midst of all our trial, temptations and struggles.

Can you find the joy in the midst of them?