The Journeys that Choose Us

December 24, 2017: Last Sunday of Advent - Lighting the candle of LOVE.

2017 Advent Series: Faithful: Christmas Through the Eyes of Joseph

Pastor Paul is preaching.

Luke 2:1-5

For Jesus, life would both begin and end following a journey from the region of Galilee south into Judea. 

Journeys often serve as book ends, or at the least defining moments in our lives.  Most of Jesus’ defining journeys in life were ones He never would have chosen.  Perhaps we can relate to Jesus in this way.  Yet this doesn’t stop the journeys from choosing us.  Let us consider together the journey Joseph faithfully guided his wife and unborn child on.  No doubt, it will be marked by plenty of displeasures.  Maybe your journeys have been defined by great agony or distress as well.  Yet while God has no desire to see us face trial, sometimes it is life’s most epic journeys that provide our greatest “coming of age” moments.  And all the more when we have our eyes open to God’s providence working in our midst.