Advent Sermon Series - Faithful: Advent Through the Eyes of Joseph

At Christmas time we really do not hear all that much about Joseph in the overall story of the birth of Jesus Christ. There are not many accounts of Joseph throughout the Gospels. Does that make him any less important in the story of Christ’s birth? This Advent season we will travel with Joseph and see what Jesus’ birth may have looked like through his eyes. There were so many traditions and societal expectations that got turned upside down when Mary became pregnant. Joseph could have walked away or he could have remained FAITHFUL. What did FAITHFUL look like for Joseph and what will FAITHFUL look like for each of us this Christmas and for the rest of our lives?

December 3: "A Man Without a Name"

December 10: "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"

December 17: "But I am Afraid..."

December 24 (Morning Worship):