Cavicchi Christian Education Seminar Videos

Below are videos of the seminars from previous years. We invite you to watch, listen, and enjoy the journey as we learn more together about religion and faith in this wild, beautiful world that we live in.

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April 7, 2019

Three Faiths, One Spirit, Deepening Shared Values

An interfaith dialogue with Dr. Alan Kolp, Faith and Life Professor at Baldwin Wallace University; Rabbi Enid Lader, Beth Israel - The West Temple, Cleveland; and Dr. Carl Sharif El-Tobgui, Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Brandeis University.

April 22, 2018

Finding Our Stories in Abraham's Journey

Presented By: Rabbi Enid Lader - Rabbi of Beth-Israel-The West Temple on Triskett Road in Cleveland, Ohio.

Rabbi Enid Lader has bee the rabbi at The West Temple since August 2012 and very active in interfaith outreach to the west side communities. Join us for her four part presentation as we learn together about Abraham Journey and our connection to it.

Four Parts of the 2018 Program:

1) God's Call to Abraham: What does it mean to leave one's land... one's place of safety?

2) The Importance of the Land and the Temple: Exile and Diaspora - Making a new home while yearning to return.

3) Jewish Rituals and Symbols: From around the world - Israel, Eastern Europe, Spain, China... China???

4) "And You Shall Be a Blessing...": Moving beyond ourselves, opening our hearts and extending our hands to others.

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April 30, 2017

Getting to Know Our Muslim Neighbors: An Introduction to Islamic Beliefs & Practices

Presented By: Dr. Carl Sharif El Togbui - Assistant Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies and Director of the Arabic Language Program at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA.

In this video, Dr. Carl Sharif El Togbui begins by addressing the historical background of the rise of Islam and the life of the Prophet Muhammed. He then will speak on the nature and place of the Qur'an in Islam. He goes on to describe the basic beliefs and practices through an exploartion of Islamic theology, law, and spirituality, and he will finish by addressing Islam's relationship to other religions in the world.

After the inital seminar, the floor will be opened up for a question and answer session with Dr. Carl Sharif El Togbui. 

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May 1, 2016

On Being Spiritually Reflective: A Journey of Discovery! With A Chance to Build Theology From the Ground Up

Presented By: Dr. Alan Kolp - Faith and Life Professor at Baldwin Wallace University

By our affiliation with the United Methodist Church, we inherit a significant group of doctrines. But we may not appreciate how doctrine came to be nor how we come to have the personal theology we have. This seminar will actively engage us in our own experience and trace the theology that arises from experience. Our personal theology may not be doctrine, but it is the seed of doctrine.

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March 22, 2015

The Story of a Damned Angel

Presented By: Mark Collier - Former President of Baldwin Wallace University (1995 - 2006)

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