This group meets for fellowship, prayer and to knit shawls for people in need of comfort and support, as well as to mark times of celebration.

Since 2005 women of RRUMC have experienced the joy of gathering with needles/hooks and yarn to weave Gods love and blessing through prayer shawls. Words of support, caring and at times celebration are prayed by each knitter as the shawl is woven. At monthly meeting the women gather for a group blessing before sending the shawl off to wrap a receiver.   494 prayer shawls have been shared with members and friends in crisis. Knitters experience great joy in creating unique prayer blankets to celebrate an infant baptism and high points of life’s journey.

2017 will be the advent of weaving prayer scarves to wrap our younger adults in God’s love.   Both prayer shawls and scarves will be present during a Sunday worship service to receive a community blessing by our very supportive pastors.

If you are age 10 to 110 and would like to make creation of prayer shawls and/or scarves part of your devotional journey please join us on the second Thursday of each month at 2:00PM in the Welcome Café gathering area. If you have questions please contact Vicki Foster at or Gayle Donahue Faith Community Nurse at 440-331-7676 or

If you would like information on the history of prayer shawls please see