Flawed But Faithful: Life on the Other Side


Join us on Easter Sunday as Rev. Dan Bogre preaches from John 20:1-18 and we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We have been studying Peter throughout this season of Lent. Peter had so many different sides to him.

He was the trusted and faithful disciple. He was the one Jesus called Satan. He was the one that said he would die for Jesus and the one that denied him.

Then, “On the other side,” it all changed for Peter. He was now willing to die for him. He met Jesus. He walked with Jesus. He walked away from Jesus. It was about that relationship between a man and his Savior.

It is still about you and your relationship with your Savior.

What will life look like for you on the other side of Easter 2019? Will it be same old same old or will it be different this year? It’s up to you.