For years man has partnered with the dog.  

From Admiral Byrd’s expeditions where they pulled sleds and were part of the team, to guiding the blind, to K-9 units that work with police and fire rescue. Recently, the best seller, “Until Tuesday” by Luis Carlos Montalban, documents beautifully how dogs are giving life back to our veterans who suffer from war injuries and PTSD.

More recently pet therapy programs have been developed to provide comfort to shut-ins and hospital patients. The health benefits are well documented. It lowers blood pressure, reduces loneliness, and encourages socialization.  It has helped children learn to read through programs where the child builds confidence by reading to a dog.

Meet our dogs!

Meet Marco!

We are so blessed here at RRUMC to have Chari Zito and her licensed therapy dog, Marco, volunteer their services to our congregation.  Marco is a Portugese Water Dog, his coat is hypoallergenic, he is calm and gentle.  Chari saw through accompanying a friend to her cancer treatments the value of a therapy dog.  When she lost her friend to cancer she wanted to have Marco trained so he could provide love and comfort to those who might benefit.


Cupcake 6-2017.jpg

Meet Cupcake!

Meet Cupcake, a three year old mixed breed who will make your heart melt! Cupcake was a Dick Goddard rescue dog. Cupcake was found with a crushed leg that was unable to be saved.  Goddard funds paid for all of her surgery and care. So many people were involved in helping Cupcake. From the person who found her, the vets, the volunteers at the dog kennel to her foster mom.

Paula fell in love with Cupcake as soon as she saw her at the Cuyahoga kennels dog adoption day. Cupcake was so sweet Paula decided they needed to give back. Cupcake is certified for paws therapy through the Bright and Beautiful Therapy dog program. Cupcake has also received the gold star good canine citizen award. 

If you want to talk about some way that Marco or Cupcake could be of help, please contact the Faith Community Nurse.