The Health Ministry Team is made up of professionals and non professionals from our congregation who meet with the Faith Community Nurse to plan the health ministry program of our church.

They share their experience and gifts to help with the presentation of educational programs and support programs for the congregation.

They meet on Saturday mornings about every 6 - 8 weeks.

Members of the Health Ministry Team

  • Gayle Donahue, RN - Faith Commuinty Nurse
  • Kris Purdy, RN - Chairperson
  • Richard Treat, MD - Medical Advisor
  • Ilze Bekeny, DDS
  • Dave Bennhoff, MD
  • David Fahrland
  • Vicki Foster, RN  SHAWL MINISTRY
  • Mary Elin Halek, Chaplain, Grief Recovery
  • Jeanne Hoopes
  • William Malm, ND
  • Cari Cristiani Mitchell, Pharmacist
  • Mariland Morsfield, RN
  • Robert Morsfield, Retired EMTP
  • Melissa Overton, RN
  • Cheryl Reitz RD  CDE
  • Paula Revay and Cupcake, PAWS ministry
  • Vicki Yanni
  • Dace Zemzars, Atheltic Trainer, PTA
  • Shari Zito and Marco, PAWS ministry

Faith Community Nurse Ministry

Gayle Donahue, RN - Faith Community Nurse

What Is A Faith Community Nurse?

The Faith Community Nurse is a Registered Nurse committed to the healing ministry of the church.  The role varies from church to church, based on the needs of the congregation.  The Faith Community Nurse program seeks to add the dimension of wholeness, the relationship of mind, body, and spirit that we gain by sharing in our community of faith.  Through education, counseling, visiting, advocacy, and prayer the Faith Community Nurse seeks to improve our health, enrich our lives, and make us more connected to one another and to the spirit of Christ.  The Faith Community Nurse also oversees the Health Ministry Team.
Reasons you might call the Faith Community Nurse:

1)      You would like to screen or monitor health indicators such as blood pressure

2)      Burdened with a new or chronic disease

3)      Questions about medications

4)      You have a need for health information and community resources

5)      You just need someone to listen

6)      You are a care giver

7)      Experiencing a life change


The Faith Community Nurse does not take the place of the Home Health Nurse.  She does not administer medications, perform treatments, do blood tests, or other invasive procedures.

To contact the Faith Community Nurse call the church office at 440-331-7676  ext. 235 or email gdonahue@rrumcorg.