It has been a blessing to witness the incredible work being done by our current Caregivers!

As they bring the love of Christ to those who are unable to be a part of our regular church gatherings, I hear frequently of the wonderful relationships being formed and of God’s grace being shared.

And our Caregivers will be the first to tell you, the blessings go both ways.

In order to be able to connect sufficiently with all those from our church family who would benefit from a Caregiver, we are inviting you to consider playing a part. Caregivers are connected with one individual from our church family to build a relationship through regular visits, and/or phone calls and letters. If you have a good listening ear, and are willing to share the love of Christ, you are a prime candidate.

If you are interested in more information on Caregiving, or would like to get involved, please contact Pastor Paul ( or 440-331-7676).