Operation Kid-to-Kid Needs You


The children in Vacation Bible School are collecting money for Operation Kid-to-Kid to help moms and babies in Zambia get a better start towards happy and productive lives.

From conception to about age 2 is the fastest period of brain development and critical to brain function throughout life.

In developing countries like Zambia many new mothers lack access to proper nutrition for healthy growth and they often lack the education and medical guidance to address the critical needs of their babies.

Funds raised will support community health worker visits to pregnant women to provide them with information on prenatal care, help monitoring children's growth and nutrition, critical vitamins, and education for moms and dads on food and nutrition.

Congregation, let's support the fundraising efforts of our VBS children and at least double the amount they raise!

Donations will be collected at each service from June 23 through July 7. Make checks out to RRUMC and add "OK2K" to the information line. Leave your donation at the Operation Kid-to- Kid Giving Tree display and add a Living Leaves Sticker to the tree.

Your financial support can make a life-changing difference for the babies and their mothers!