Church Wide Lenten Study and Sermon Series!

This year’s church wide Lenten study and sermon series will be “Simon Peter” by Adam Hamilton. He left everything to follow his teacher and possessed a passion that would change the world.


That’s one way to describe Peter. Here’s another: poor, uneducated, quick-tempered, and full of doubts and fears.

Doesn’t even sound like the same man. And that’s the point of “Simon Peter.” Peter was just an ordinary guy who heard and followed God’s extraordinary call.

Discover how you, too, have special gifts, talents, and abilities that God can use to make a difference today.

This is a six week study, beginning the first or second week of March.

You may sign up and purchase your book for one of a number of different day and time options (Monday 1:00pm at TBFS, Monday 6:30pm at the Lutz’s home, Tuesday LIFT group at 7:00pm, Wednesday 10:30am, Thursday 1:30pm, and Sunday 10:15am).

All are invited and we hope you will join us during this life-changing Lenten season!