RRUMC Seeking a Director of Youth Ministries

Rocky River United Methodist Church is seeking a full time Director of Youth Ministries.

Job Summary:

Identify, plan for, and lead all aspects of youth ministries grades 6-12 to engage in spiritual growth and navigate a Christian led life.

Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to leading Sunday School, Confirmation, Youth Group Activities, Fellowship Gatherings, Mission Trips, Youth Annual Conference, Service and Volunteer Opportunities, and Community Events focused on all youth at all campuses throughout the year as well as other duties as needed.

Given the scope of this work, the candidate will actively engage with the youth and garner support within the church to help bring the vision of youth ministries to life. The candidate will partner extensively with the Director of Children’s Ministry, Youth Steering Committee, and other key positions and committees within the church to bring RRUMC’s vision to life—to meet our youth in the midst of their stories.

Skills and experiences:

  • Experience working with youth in a variety of settings

  • Experience leading youth Christian services and programming

  • Comfort in navigating and speaking to the Bible and applicability in today’s World

  • Excellent verbal, written, collaboration, listening, guiding, and facilitation skills; one must be inclusive and engage youth, parents, and volunteers in a variety of mediums and settings

  • Is energizing, approachable, creative, fun, relational, inspirational, and willing to be vulnerable with others to instill trust and create a positive, inviting environment

  • Ability to instill calm in others when needed

  • Proficient in Microsoft office

  • Strong social media expertise

  • Ability to garner support and volunteers and align them to the vision

  • Strong program and project management

  • Takes initiative

Qualifications and education:

  • Living into a Christian faith and willing to share personal story

  • Degree with focus in areas such as youth ministry, ministry, psychology, education, counseling

  • 3+ years’ experience working with and leading youth

  • Trained in CPR, first aid, mental health, contemporary youth issues

Other considerations:

  • Certain events require long hours in transportation, sleeping in a variety of settings, loud noise, managing multiple teams and volunteers at the same time, and an abundance of positive energy

  • Work environment can be in an office shared with others, gym, outdoors, local coffeehouse, youth room, place of worship, etc.

  • Casual to business casual work atmosphere

Interested candidates can submit their resume through January 31, 2019 to office@rrumc.org.