Make Christmas Come Alive for Your Children

Every kid is anxiously counting down to when Santa will arrive, but celebrating the birth of Jesus can become just as fun for your family!

Here are some great tips to get the entire family involved in understanding what Christmas is really all about.

  • Visit a living nativity scene, complete with farm animals. As a family, create your own interactive nativity scene, using costumes and props to put yourselves into the action.

  • Use building blocks and toys to create scenes from the first Christmas (road to Bethlehem, the inn, the stable). Take a picture of each scene and then compile a computer slideshow.

  • Make gingerbread nativity scenes. (Marshmallows and stick pretzels make great angels and sheep!)

And don’t forget our Christmas Eve worship at 5pm invites every child to participate in this wonderful family service!

Parenting Christian Teenagers & Kids, December 2018 newsletter