Reflections By Rev. Dan Bogre

Garden of Gethsemane

Garden of Gethsemane

Dear Friends and Family of RRUMC,

There is no doubt that one of the greatest blessings in my ministry so far has been the ability to lead three different groups to the Holy Land.

Rev. Dan Bogre, Senior Pastor at RRUMC

Rev. Dan Bogre, Senior Pastor at RRUMC

Many of us remember the stories from our Sunday School classes when we were children about those amazing places in the Bible. We remember hearing about Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jericho, the Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, the Temple, and the wilderness.

As a child, I remember trying to imagine what they must have looked like and what it must have been like to be there. For the longest time all of the places, “over there,” seemed like just that, places over there.

As a child, you are thinking that they are just wonderful stories from a story book. We then grow up and realize that those are real places and your mind quickly gives way to your imagination as to what those places really look like and more importantly, what they feel like if you’re there.

I want to formally invite all of you to join me for my fourth trip to Israel. We will be traveling to the Holy Land in January of 2020. The main trip will be from January 7-16. We will stay in Bethlehem for a couple of nights and have dinner with a local Palestinian Christian family there. We will see Caesarea Philippi, Nazareth, Capernaum, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Church of the Nativity, and sail on the Sea of Galilee along with seeing many other fascinating spots in and around Jerusalem. I have led three different groups totaling well over 60 people and each and every person has told me that the trip to the Holy Land changed their lives and the way that they read the Bible.

It is a trip filled with some of the most powerful spiritual moments that you will ever have in your life. Tears always flow when we sail on the Sea of Galilee and when we sing Christmas carols in the Church of the Nativity. The silence is deafening when we take communion at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem.

The cost is only $2,898 from Cleveland to Israel and back again. That includes everything besides your lunches and any souvenirs that you might want to purchase.

There are also four extensions that are being offered. Each of them have additional costs but the opportunities are amazing.

They are four days in Egypt, five days in Egypt with a Nile River cruise, three days in Jerusalem on your own, or three days in Jordan. I know that is a lot of money but I hope you will prayerfully consider this once in a lifetime opportunity.

You will be changed and you will never ever read the Bible the same way. Come and be a part of something amazing.


Rev. Daniel F. Bogre