Summer is Here!

by Gayle Donahue, MSN, RN

I hope you have scheduled time to enjoy yourself and those special to you as you take in the beauties of the season.

The days of summer pass all too quickly and will soon be a memory. This summer, the Health Ministry Team would like to offer you the opportunity to participate in several new activities.

On Sunday, July 21, we will be gathering at the Rocky River Nature Center, 2400 Valley Parkway, North Olmsted for a one hour walk with the naturalist to discover “What is New in Nature.” Our walk will begin at 1:00pm rain or shine. Please dress for the weather. If the clouds will be watering the plants please do not bring an umbrella – a rain jacket or poncho is preferred for the walk. Please let us know you will be joining us by calling the Church Office to sign up.

The walk at the RR Nature Center will also be the first group event for a walking challenge paralleling the second and longest missionary journey of the Apostle Paul. Through teamwork and our individual steps we can match the 2800 miles Paul traveled while improving our health physically, mentally and spiritually.

You may pick up a packet of instructions on the 21st at the walk on the book shelf of the Health Ministry Information Center in the café or by emailing Gayle at

If your exercise of choice is swimming or rowing remember Paul also traveled by boat. Swimmers and rowers will be able to match the 700 miles Paul sailed.

Every two weeks until October 31 participants will submit their distances to Gayle. A map of Paul’s travels will be posted on the Health Ministry bulletin board tracking our cumulative miles. Your packet of instructions includes a timeline, scripture and health notes for your reflection while walking. Our second group event will be on Sunday, August 18, at 6:30pm for 90 minutes. Our location will be decided by the group.

Gayle Donahue, MSN, RN

Gayle Donahue, MSN, RN

Stop the Bleed - Sunday, July 7

On Sunday, July 7, in the café you will have the opportunity to learn the principles of a national grass roots program called Stop the Bleed. Unfortunately there have been numerous national tragedies that have taught us that the average person does not know how to stop a traumatic bleed. The majority of trauma bleeds actually happen in the work place, at home and at auto accidents. We have learned that if bystanders are knowledgeable about the principles of stopping bleed using every day items, lives can be saved. Even in our area where a professional responder can be in your home quickly the waiting bystander response can make the difference between life and death. Minutes do count for a trauma bleed. Stop and chat as you are able.

Scrabble - Tuesdays at 1:30pm

Interested in board games? On Tuesdays at 1:30pm in the café we have a dedicated group playing scrabble. You are invited to join them for scrabble or bring a game of your choice. Bring a friend to challenge and share the fun!

Please join us for any and all of these wonderful new activities from Health Ministry!



Questions? Please contact me at ( or leave me a message at 440.331.7676 x 235 .