Sent: To Proclaim Freedom

"Sent" Series

December 6th, 2015

Pastor Paul is preaching.
Luke 4:14-21

Two thousand years ago, the great God of all the Universe, Creator and Lord over all, set aside the grandeur of heaven to walk amongst His feeble children.

 His life of selfless service, humble means and personal sacrifice would conclude as He offered Himself up to His executioners on a hill called Calvary.  His life, His words, His actions, His final sacrifice were all saturated with the message and gift of freedom.  Christ met us where we were to grant us new life when we were incapable of producing it ourselves.  And now He beckons US to do the same.  Even two thousand years later, much of the world has yet to claim that precious gift, offered to us through the blood of God.  God invites us to claim that gift for ourselves, and then extend that freedom unconditionally, with courage, into the lives of those who need it most.