What If: I Just Climbed a Tree?

"What If?" Series

April 10th, 2016

Reverend Dan is preaching.
Luke 19:1-4

I love Zacchaeus in the text from Luke today.

The people hated him because he was a tax collector. They hated him even more because he was a fellow Jew extorting money from his own people for the Roman government. To top it all off, he was incredible wealthy. As if it couldn’t get any worse for Zacchaeus, Luke makes sure that we the readers know that Zacchaeus is extremely short in stature. The entire world of cards is stacked against him. But Luke tells us that Zacchaeus wanted to see who Jesus was. That’s all it took. He just wanted to see who he was. What if we too were willing to just want to see who Jesus was in the midst of our lives? What changed Zacchaeus’ life? He climbed a tree.