The Life of Christmas Present

"Redemption of Scrooge" Series

December 11th, 2016

Pastor Paul is preaching.
Matthew 2:13-18

Despite the unquestioned sense of cheer and peace the Christmas season brings to those who celebrate its true meaning, it’s difficult to deny the contrasting images of foreboding and gloom that appear in the nativity story. 

From a scandalous pregnancy, to a desperate couple facing childbirth without shelter, to a dark, damp birthing suite adorned with animal droppings, to the news of mass slaughter of countless children.  Hope and grace enter into a scene of gloom and terror.  And we, both in receiving the story, but more so in receiving the Christ child himself, must choose which will reign supreme.  Through the Ghost of Christmas Present, Scrooge at least began to recognize his choices, even if he was yet unprepared to make one.  Perhaps the time for us to choose, though, is now?