Press On

"I'm All In... Philippians and What's Next" Series

May 15th, 2016

Reverend Dan is preaching.
Philippians 3

There is a misconception out there that once you go all in with Jesus Christ life will become easy. 

There is a belief that from then on all things will be good.  Unfortunately, life will still have a way of being life.  There are still struggles, divorce, cancer, broken relationships, heartache and pain.  The difference is that you are no longer on your own.  Jesus Christ has come along side you and at times will carry you through all of the moments of your life story.  That is why we are all able to press on.  We must look forward as we press on.  We must focus wholly and completely on Christ as we press on.  It is in following him and him alone that we are able to press on.