How Are You, REALLY?

"How Is It With Your Soul?" Series

October 2nd, 2016

Pastor Paul is preaching.
James 5:13-20

We must get asked a dozen times a day this simple question, “How are you?” 

If you’re like me, my responses to this question represent my most frequent instances of dishonesty.  Why do we find it so easy to lie in response to that question?  Because we’ve convinced ourselves there’s no way the other person actually wants to hear the truth, right?  But what if sometimes they do?  And what if sometimes we need to vocalize the truth, even if the person asking is caught a bit off guard?  The Apostle James presents us an image of Christian community where people actually acknowledge their struggles, sins and sorrows.  I have a feeling his message pertains just as much, if not MORE, to the 21st century as it did to the 1st.