God Breathed to Breathe God

"Parched" Series

July 10th, 2016

Reverend Dan is preaching.
2 Timothy 3:10-17

The word parched is defined as being dried out, usually because of heat and humidity.

 As I read 2 Timothy I was reminded of another way that we can get dried out.  The letter talks about all of the good that the Word of God does in this world and for each of us individually.  If we do not find ourselves drinking in the Word of God, then we should expect to be living lives that are parched and dried out longing for life.  All Scripture is God breathed.  That is what the Bible tells us today.  It breathes into us the breath of God.  Just like taking in a huge breathe of air after holding our breath for an extended period of time, we gasp for the breath of God if we have not been taking it in.  Then……we exhale.  What comes out is the breath of God into the world around us.