Faith ... and then some.

"No Way Out" Series

August 7th, 2016

Reverend Dan is preaching.
Luke 8:40-48

This woman is amazing.

While Jesus is on his way to perform a miracle for Jairus’ daughter he is confronted with a miracle on the way. This woman in the story already has an incredible faith. She is convinced that there is no one in the whole world that can cure her from her condition because she has tried them all. She has faith…..AND THEN SOME. Her faith led her to the only power source in the whole world that could heal her. Her faith had a routine but now it needed something more. It needed a simple touch of Jesus’ robe. Is your faith trapped in routine? Is your faith just ho-hum or full of power? Maybe you just need to find a new way to tap into the power of Jesus Christ. Find a new way to shake up an old faith.