But I Am Afraid...

December 17, 2017: Third Sunday in Advent - Lighting of the candle of JOY.

2017 Advent Sermon Series: Faithful: Christmas Through the Eyes of Joseph

Rev. Dan is preaching.

Matthew 1:18-21

Don’t be afraid? Are you kidding me?

The angel has just told Joseph that the son Mary is about to have was conceived by the Holy Spirit and that he is going to save the world from all their sins. He then tells Joseph to not be afraid. How can Joseph not be afraid after hearing that news? As if Mary being pregnant and knowing that he was not the father wasn’t bad enough, Joseph now is told by an angel that this baby is going to save the world. When God reaches right into the midst of our everyday, normal stories, things always change. They will always change for the better but it is scary. That is why the angel started with the words, “Do not be afraid.”  When is the last time you were afraid of doing something for God in your life? Maybe this Christmas it’s time for all of us to hear the angel comfort us as we live into God’s call in our lives to be FAITHFUL.