Not a Silent Night

"Not A Silent Night" Series

December 24th, 2014 - Christmas Eve

Reverend Dan is preaching.
Luke 2:1-20

Birthing rooms sure have changed from back in the days when Jesus was born.

Now we have hot tubs, soothing music, multiple doctors and nurses to take care of you and rooms so beautiful you would think that you are at a spa or salon. It truly is a silent night. And then there is Mary and her birthing room. Jesus, in a feeding trough with animals of all kinds all around. It was definitely not a silent night. It was full of fear, uncertainty, pain, worry, anger, frustration, and darkness. Doesn’t that sound a lot like our lives today? AND THEN.................Jesus came into the world then and now. He is the remedy to all of those things. He is your remedy, your rescue plan today as much as he was back then. Will you make your way to the manger this year?